will pure REST API work?

Discussion created by dannydongus on Jul 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by dannydongus
We don't want to use either web APIs (java script, flex, silverlight) or soap API or web SDK, just pure REST API  to do map navigation and query for our ArcGIS Server java enterprise application. Will this work?

To be more specific, We have a java application where we use exported image from ArcGIS Server in our map panel. Now we want to be able to zoom in/out and identify on the image we have. How can we find out map extent or map coordinates information from ArcGIS Server REST api for a click or zoom/pan  on the image? If we can do this kind of conversion from REST API, then we would be able to get a new image or do query based on this information too--- I have searched ESRI documentation but haven't found a way. Did I miss something or I have to find a way around? Thanks for your opinion!