How to create GPRecordSet object to pass as an input to geoprocessing task

Discussion created by aroranidh on Jul 20, 2011
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Unable to pass value to GPRecordSet object.
Hi , I have a gp task  which requires input as a GPREcordset object  .

Details for input parameter from rest end point

Parameter: record_set
Data Type: GPRecordSet
Display Name: record_set
Direction: esriGPParameterDirectionInput
Default Value:
OBJECTID (Type: esriFieldTypeOID, Alias: OBJECTID)
Add_line (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: Add_line)
state (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: state)
city (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: city)
zip (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: zip)
zip_4 (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: zip_4)
Parameter Type: esriGPParameterTypeRequired

I need to create this GPRecordset object in javascript to pass it to the GP task
Code snipplet
I tried
feature_set = {
       "features" :
          "attributes" : {"Add_line":"303 Kulana St","state":"HI","city":"Hilo","zip":"96720","zip_4":"2266"}
        "attributes" : {"Add_line":"303 Kulana St","state":"HI","city":"Hilo","zip":"96720","zip_4":"2266"}
var featureSet = new esri.tasks.FeatureSet(feature_set);
var params = {"record_set":featureSet};
gp.submitJob(params, completeUploadCallback , statusUploadCallback,errorAlert); 

The job is successfully submitted , but as soon as it goes to the arcgis server , it fails . I  m able to run the geoprocessing service thru ArcMap by passing the features interactively but I m not able to properly set the FeatureSet object  in javascript.
How can a  GPRecordSet object be created  for an input to geoprocessing service  and passed through Javascript ?