SQL problem, please help urgent !

Discussion created by ecas0002 on Jul 20, 2011
Hi everyone,

I really need your help im no pro at this but i need to extract zero values from the flow accumulation raster, i had already done the fill of the bathymetry data i have, flow direction and flow accumulation. i processed the flow accumulation raster result through the ASCII to Raster and back to Raster again ( i was told to do this because of a bug in GIS) im using 9.3.1 GIS. Now the result of the ASCII to raster and back to raster again... when i extract by attirbutes the attribute table icon cannot be clicked however the field rows indicating ObjectID, Value and Count show up in the QUery builder... so i select Value = 0 but when i verify the process gives me an query error ...

please help, thanks lots in advance!!