Slow routing?

Discussion created by MTMInc on Jul 19, 2011
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Hello everyone, let my preface by saying that I am very new to ArcGIS, and to the world of GIS in general.  My employer has purchased ArcGIS with the premium data to do some routing and geo-coding.  I am not having any issues with the geo-coding, but with the routing I am having some performance issues. 

I have added a map of the US, and added the network dataset "streets" that comes with the premium data pack.  I have added two points on the map that have quite a distance between them (I was using L.A. and St Louis just to test with), and it takes about 30 seconds to calculate the route.  I get this speed on our desktop machine with ArcMap, and with our server after I published the map to it.  The server has way better specs than the desktop machine so I would expect it to be faster.  As another comparison, when I throw this route at the ESRI sample server, it completes in about 10 seconds, so I am sure there is some configuration that I am not aware of that is causing it to go so slowly.

As a side note, but possibly related, when attempting to do the route on our server, only 25% of the CPU is being utilized.  We ran some benchmarks on the hardware and it is working as it should (all 4 processors were maxed).

Any help that you could offer would greatly be appreciated.  If there is any other information that I can provide to assist, please let me know.

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