PanZoom Sample - Build Errors

Discussion created by shoephone.control on Jul 19, 2011
Hello! I'm new to programming for ArcGIS, and need a little help with some of the sample code. This summer, I'm conducting research at the University of Wyoming in collaboration with the Geography department (I'm computer science).

My team is working on allowing a professor to use an alternate input device for ArcScene - we've picked the wiimote. As part of this, we are to allow multiple students to interact with ArcScene simultaneously, using multiple viewers. But with the fake cursors we are using, we have noticed panning doesn't work very well, so we decided to delve into the SDK to see whether we could write a command for panning that doesn't rely on the mouse position, and came across the PanZoom sample code, but we can't get it to build. There are 4 of us, and none of us can make it work. All of us are running Windows 7, one of us is running 64-bit, and the rest of us run 32-bit machines. The 64-bit computer uses Visual Studios 2008, and the others use 2010. We all use ArcDesktop 10.

Firstly, does anyone know if this code is intended for ArcScene, or just ArcMap? If it's only for ArcMap we will stop wasting our time on the sample code and look elsewhere in the SDK to do this.

We have tried both the VB and the C# code - we get an error on both. The error we get is -

C:\ProgramFiles\ArcGIS\DeveloperKit10.0\Samples\ArcObjectsNet\ControlsCommandsPanZoomCommands\CSharp\PanZoom2010.csproj(230,5): error MSB3073: The command "esriRegasm.exe "C:\ProgramFiles\ArcGIS\DeveloperKit10.0\Samples\ArcObjectsNet\ControlsCommandsPanZoomCommands\CSharp\PanZoom.dll" /p:Engine /s" exited with code -1.

When we run esriRegasm using the flag /e (on the 64-bit machine), we get this message in addition:

Operation Failed

However, the number underneath Operation Failed seems to vary - another one we've seen is this number: 00289000

Has anyone else had this error? And, if so, how do we fix it? We've noticed this issue on some of the other sample code, as well, but some of the sample code does work, so we're pretty confused. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!