ExportCAD tool - does size matter?

Discussion created by salvador37 on Jul 19, 2011
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Hi all

I'm trying to export some data to .dwg, and facing a difficulty. For small files, like layers with about 10KB, the ExportCAD tool works fine. But if I try to export some .lyr file about 50KB or more, the IGeoProcessorResult don't even create an output. Here is the code I'm refering to (in C#):

          ExportCAD pExportCAD = new ExportCAD();
          Geoprocessor pGP = new Geoprocessor();
          object obj = Type.Missing;
          IGeoProcessorResult pResults;
          string strOutType = "DWG_R2000";
          string strOutFile = @"C:\Temp\Arquivo Exportado GEO.dwg";

              pGP.OverwriteOutput = true;
              pExportCAD.in_features = @"C:\Arquivos de Programas\ArcGIS\ArcGlobeData\World Image.lyr";
              pExportCAD.Output_File = strOutFile;
              pExportCAD.Output_Type = strOutType;
              pExportCAD.Ignore_FileNames = "IGNORE_FILENAMES_IN_TABLES";
              pExportCAD.Append_To_Existing = "OVERWRITE_EXISTING_FILES";
              //pExportCAD.Seed_File = "seed2d.dgn"; 

              if (pGP.Exists(pExportCAD.in_features.ToString(), ref obj))
                  pResults = (IGeoProcessorResult)pGP.Execute(pExportCAD, null);


I'm askinig for help, because I did not find anything about this issue. After that, I would like to export select data, not the entire leyer. I'm still researching about this, but if someone has already some hints, I would appreciate too.

Thanks in advance

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