Batch Transformations and default output file path

Discussion created by cfw_sew on Jul 18, 2011
In ArcGIS 9.X, the batch transformations tool was set up such that once you selected an input file and entered an input coordinate system, the output file name and path was automatically generated and the proj file went into the same geodatabase as the original file AND the new projected file was automatically added to the map.

In ArcGIS 10, the default geodatabase is C:\\MyDocuments\Settings...... and even if I set a geodatabase, I will have to do that every time I do a batch transformation because the source data is always in a different gdb. Also, the new projected files are not automatically added to my map for viewing.

Can someone please fix this and make it work as well as the batch transforms did in 9.x? It doesn't sound like much, but in terms of time and energy, it's a lot.  Thanks !