Map layout with table of records meeting query

Discussion created by sumyer on Jul 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by envrchic2
I am looking for a good method for creating something similar to map books and data driven pages, that will additionally automate the tabular portion of the map layout, not just the titles, page numbers and overview map. Each resulting layout page will contain the following components: map, overview map, and a few summary related tables.

The summary tables are to be linked / related to the subject feature class of the data driven pages. So, the related tables would update as you page through the features if using data driven pages. For instance, your coffee store layer is driving the data driven pages. As you page through each store's map layout, the table(s) on the map layout would update displaying the related information: perhaps the top ten customers of that store.

The data driven pages option works great for all but automating the tabular portion. Data driven pages, reports, inserting a table on the layout: all of these seem to fall short of what seems like a very simple concept. Not a big deal if you have just a few locations, but if you are looking at thousands of map layouts, what is the best way to automate this? I have seen forum discussions going back ten years on this concept, but no solutions as of yet.