NetWork analysis--Route Part  Hope your generous help ! Thanks

Discussion created by cynobody on Apr 6, 2010
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I would like to build a network analysis about metro for exercise.  And I vector the metro map while capturing the vertex. And Then I build the topology to test whether the data is ok with the rule: do not have dangles. All of these above is OK . So I build the network analysis with the field metroline length and metro lineid(1,2,3:Line 1,Line2,Line3) as two different cost. And Finally, I can find the route between Graphics 1 and Graphics 2 after I clicked the solve. However the problem come I use it in ArcGIS Server. It said that : GPMessage: It has no edges. Why??? I can find the route in ArcGIs Desktop and I'm sure that there is a layer which owns edges. Why???

I know it must have some detrmental error in my builing the network. But where and what should I do?
Hope your generous Help!!!
Thanks in advance.