Data Driven Pages fail to update legend

Discussion created by kvolleberg on Jul 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by WILLIAM51
I use Data Driven Pages (ArcGis 10) to create some 1000 maps. In these maps, I've got an elevation raster dataset of which the streched symbology is recalculated for each display extent.

When scrolling through the pages in the DDP-toolbar, I see the symbology scaling as expected. So far, so good. When I add a legend showing the raster symbology, things start to get buggy.

Although the data is updated in every page, the legend is not. Also, in the TOC, I don't see the new min-max values. I tried to solve this with ArcPy (adding, removing, updating the layer etc), but without success. Of course, I want to have a legend that corresponds with the view, and not with the first page out of 1000.

I posted this bug to Esri Netherlands. They were able to reprooduce the bug, and forwarded it to Esri Inc. This was 4 weeks ago, and Esri NL and myself are still waiting for a solution or workaround from Esri Inc. No response from the USA yet.

Anyone the same problem and a solution?
Esri Inc: when you read this: it would be nice to respond and (at least try to) solve things when your customers find out problems. Looking at this forum, I conclude that the people that pay huge amounts of money for your licenses are pretty negative about your software. It surely would pay off to improve customer service.