Discussion created by cbplaw on Jul 14, 2011
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Ok, so I have a file-geodatabase linked to an access 2007 database (accdb)... the fgdb only contains polygons with three feilds used to link data from other tables.  The accdb has the particulars in it, including an acreage and an owner name, and an ID.  I have joined the accdb to my feature class (in the fgdb) and I can read all of the data from the accdb in the attribute table, and see it all when I use the info tool.  I have labeled the parcels with data from 1 field in the fgdb and two fields from the accdb, and I have verified the expression and it says its a valid label expression, however the two fields from the accdb do not show up in my label.  Why is this happening?  Do I need to go back and use the mdb access format?  I hope not, but I have never had this trouble using the mdb format.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Also, I have just discovered that it must have soemthing to do with the acreage format.  The ID and the Owners name show up fine in the label, but when I add in the acreage it just drops all of the label values that come from the accdb.  I don't think it worked as text and its not working as a double, is there a limit or restriction on the types of value formats that can be used from an accdb to label?