ExportCAD Memory Leak

Discussion created by alt4 on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2011 by alt4
Anyone have ideas on how to manage memory leaks from the ExportCAD_conversion tool? I am currently using the Delete_management tool to clear "in_memory" and also using del to delete the variable reference. I am looping through feature classes and appending them to a DWG with a seed file, I have overwriteoutput set to true as well.  Each iteration of the loop increases the memory by about .7GB until my script crashes at around 3.5GB. Its not an input format issue because i standardize everything before it get passed to the tool and doesn't crash on a certain fc consistently.  I have tried it in the ArcMap python window, pythonwin and pyscripter.

After looking at the results tab when running the tool in the ArcMap python window, I notice that 2 export messages are listed stating; "Exporting *feature_class* to CAD" and "exporting to *CAD*.dwg" My thoughts are that the tool first exports the fc to "CAD" somehow in memory and I just not have been able to figure out how to clear it. 

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.