RectangleElement causes annotation graphics to refresh on all lower layer changes

Discussion created by jim.campbell on Jul 11, 2011
I have a Map project with these layers
1) a street layer that contains street names (annotations)
2) a building layer that contains building names (annotations)
3) a layer that shows vehicles (custom Geography layer)
4) some text elements and balloon callouts in the graphics layer (graphics container)

When I add a RectangleElement to the graphics layer (graphics container), it causes all my annotations to update every time something changes in layer 3.  Without the RectangleElement, (just TextElements and BalloonCallouts) the annotations do not refresh every time something in layer 3 changes.  The desired effect is that the annotations do NOT refresh all the time.

Why do RectangleElements cause the annotations to refresh on every change to lower layers?
Is there a work-a-round to force annotations to not refresh?