Need help modifying "Data Extract" script to limit extent that can be clipped

Discussion created by grahash on Jul 7, 2011
I have the ESRI "Clip and Ship" geoprocessing service example running on one of our sites.  The sample uses the "Extract Data Task" model (found in Sytem Toolboxes->Server Tools->Data Extraction) which contains a script, named "Extract Data". 

The GP service works but I would like to limit the size of the area that can be clipped.  For example, any selected area over 2000 square miles would cause the script to display a message instructing the user to select a smaller area.

I have minimal experience with Python, but I was thinking some kind of IF statement would accomplish the goal.  However, looking through the supplied code, I don't really see any place where I could insert such a condition.

Does anyone have any experience with "Extract Data" script supplied by ESRI?  Is an IF-THEN type of statement appropriate within that script?