Retrieve Spatial Reference From TIN

Discussion created by gisservice on Jul 7, 2011
Hi All,

i wrote a python script that iterates through all workspaces under a given base folder to retrieve the spatial references of the objects in the workspaces.

This works fine for shapefiles, coverages, grids, geodatabases and raster images:

    desc = gp.Describe(wsp)
    children = desc.Children
    child = children.Next()
    while child:
        descChild = gp.Describe(child.Name)
        if child.DataType in ["ShapeFile","FeatureClass","CoverageFeatureClass","RasterDataset","RasterBand"]:
            print "Object:                 " + child.Name
            print "Datatype:               " + child.DataType
            print "Spatialreference-Name:  " + sr.Name

But when it comes to tin data, I get the error message:

RuntimeError: DescribeData: Method SpatialReference does not exist

So does anybody know how I can get the spatial reference of TIN using Python scripting?

Thanks for your help,