ModelBuilder/Iteration - Inconsistent Failures

Discussion created by wilcorey on Jul 6, 2011
I am using the Iterate Feature Selection tool in modelbuilder to iterate a model over any number of features in a shapefile. I am finding that the model will run successfully over a number (once over 10 features, a second time over the same 10 but it went through 4 additional iterations) of iterations, but continues to end in failure at a point in the model through which it has made a number of prior passes. For the last two attempts to iterate the model, it has failed on the Create Raster Attribute Table tool, though in past attempts it has failed on other tools. I really don't believe it's an issue with the tools themselves due to the inconsistencies.

It does not appear to be due to insufficient memory.

...And I am at a loss.

Are there any suggestions out there? This is my first attempt to iterate in modelbuilder, though this particular model has been developing and running succesfully for years.

Thanks in advance,