OnDemand MapTip

Discussion created by rcoodey on Jul 6, 2011
I am trying to use Morten's cool "OnDemand MapTip" in a WPF XBAP on a clustered FeatureLayer.  It mostly works but with two problems...

1) The SizeChanged event does not always get fired:
I'm not sure of any logical pattern yet, but mousing over some features fires this event, and others not.  It seems like it happens mostly after zooming in... But that might be just because the cluster is being broken up more, so more to test.  I tried using the LayoutUpdated event too, and that works better, but it is fired much more than it is needed.

Any ideas to fix SizeChanged to always be called? Or any ideas on another event to call instead?

2) Map tip sometimes empty:
This might be fixed with the above issue, but using both the SizeChanged and the LayoutUpdated events, even though the event may not be fired, sometimes it skips the "busy" template and goes straight to the "completed" but with an empty map tip. This happens much more with the SizeChanged event.  With the LayoutUpdated event, it seems that I get these empty map tips after zooming or trying to access a map tip while the map is still loading; maybe it is caching an empty map tip?

Any ideas to fix these empty map tips (potential caching problem)?

Thanks a lot for any help!