Creating obstruction points

Discussion created by andyc89 on Jul 2, 2011
I am trying to create an obstruction point feature class based on a line of sight where the only inputs are the observing point (as a feature point) and a view azimuth.  I cannot use the Line of Sight function in 3D analysts as this requires  a line feature input (I am hoping to be able to batch the process, or incorporate it into an iteration model so it is not practical to draw a line of sight for each of the input points).

Basically, the reason I need to do this is so that I can calculate the horizon angle between the observing point and the first obstruction point in a user defined direction, but to repeat this process for multiple (likely to be hundreds) of observation points.

I have an ArcView 9.2 licence and all of the standard extensions except data interopability and tracking analyst.

Any help or advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.