Issue using openGL in ILayer

Discussion created by castormalin on Jul 1, 2011

I've got a bug appearing randomly. Actually, I wrote a plug-in for arcmap 9.3 that draws some images using openGL through QT. Sometimes, after some resize or view changes, a black strip appears at the bottom of the view. When I write in an image, the view created by openGL in my plug-in, I notice that is has been altered by the black strip. The height of that black strip is not always the same.

I wrote the simpliest plug-in that I could. The openGL part is very simple setting the clearColor to gray and just do a clearColor. The black strip still appears.

I tried disabling material acceleration in the settings of my computer, the black strip still appears.

I noticed another strange thing. When I use my QT object in an stand alone program, the openGL version is 2.x.x and when I use it through Arcmap, it is 1.1.0. Can Arcmap 9.3 use openGl 2.x ?

Is there a known issue in using open gl in a ILayer or I did something wrong ?