Project Street Map (or Work Around?)

Discussion created by JPMC26 on Jun 29, 2011
We are attempting to use a street map extracted from the ESRI Street Map Premium CD (North America) as a base map in a custom application (built on the ArcGIS Mobile .NET SDK). This means we have another mobile cache, and this mobile cache is in a projection different than the extracted data is. This causes the Map to throw an InvalidSpatialReferenceException when we attempt to add the StreetMapLayer to its MapLayer list. Is there any way to project the street map data into another coordinate system so we can ensure they will match?

If not, is there some means of doing a projection in memory through the SDK or forcing the Map to accept layers with different spatial references? (That would be an ArcGIS Mobile question, of course, so feel free to move this thread to that forum if that's the case.)