Patch Analyst Installation

Discussion created by alorenz on Jun 29, 2011
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Please help - I am trying to install Patch Analyst with no success... I can get to step 6 of the instructions provided with the extension (see below) but nothing shows up in the Commands column toward the end of that step. Has anyone else found a way around this?

Any help appreciated!!!

How to Install Patch Analyst / Patch Grid
This set of instructions applies to either Patch Analyst (for polygon layers) or Patch Grid (for raster (grid) layers. Each extension must be installed separately.

1. Run the Patch Analyst setup (.exe) program to install and register the .dll files, and to install sample files.

2. Open ArcMap. Note that with some newer versions of Windows (Vista, 7) it may be necessary to run ArcMap as an administrator (right click on ArcMap in Start/Programs menu and choose "run as administrator") to allow Patch Analyst to be installed properly. On the ArcMap menu bar click on "Tools and select "Customize".

3. Click on the "Commands" tab, and find "Menus" in the 'Categories' column. Click on it.

4. For a first time installation (not an upgrade to a newer version of Patch Analyst or Grid) click the "Add from file" button at the bottom. Navigate to the directory where Patch Analyst is stored (default is Program Files\ArcGIS\extensions\PatchAnalyst). Find and click "PatchAnalyst.dll" (or PatchGrid.dll) and then click open. A window will appear showing the objects added. Click "OK".

5. Once the file is added the screen will return to the Tools/Customize dialog box. Click on the "Commands" tab, and find "Menus" in the 'Categories' column and click on it.

6. In the 'Commands' column (right hand side) click and drag "Patch" (or "Patch Grid") onto the menu bar.

7. Click "Close" to close the customize window.

8. Click the applicable new button (Patch or Patch Grid) to access the drop-down menu and see the available options.

*Remember that steps 2 - 7 will need to be done separately for Patch Analyst and for Patch Grid.*