VML, createSurface issue, Unexpected call to method or property access

Discussion created by coreyalix01 on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2011 by coreyalix01
Using IE 9 in compatibility mode results in VML loading instead of SVG.  When VML loads, about 1/2 the time I get a failure in createSurface.  The failure is in the createSurface method in vml.js.  The code which fails is the first appendChild:


The content of r and b are as follows:

  b.outerHTML "<V:RECT style="WIDTH: 540px; HEIGHT: 498px; TOP: 0px; LEFT: 0px" stroked="f" filled="f">"
  r.outerHTML "<V:GROUP style="POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 540px; HEIGHT: 498px" coordsize="540 498" coordorigin="0 0">"

The result of the call to appendChild:

  r.appendChild(b) Unexpected call to method or property access.

I've found reference to this error on the dojotookit bug list but not sure if it's related:

Any insight much appreciated.  I've been struggling with this compressed API for too many months!