Snow Plow Routing

Discussion created by christygis on Jun 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2011 by jzollweg
We are a county with 504 square miles, a population of 36,000, and 405 miles of County Roads.  We have created maps for snow plowing but I am wondering if there is a way to improve our plow maps.  We have 14 route drivers. 

Factors that influence plowing are:  Number of passes required due to shoulder width, posted speed, other traffic, snowfall accumulation, intersections, and sight distrance (wind). 

Sometimes one part of the county will experience significantly different snowfall or wind.  Ideally we would like the 14 route drivers to complete their routes at the same time.

My questions are: 
1. Is it worth the cost FOR US to purchase Network analyst when there are so many variables? 
2. Even if we dismiss the variables and only account for mileage, number of rounds required due to shoulder width, and posted speed, will network analyst produce 14 logical routes?
3. Is there another tool we should consider instead?