Need basic explanation of database schemas and sde

Discussion created by NeoGeo on Jun 25, 2011
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Everything was pretty simple in SQL Server 2000/SDE but then 2005 brought in schemas.  Other than that a schema means a form of ownership, can someone give me a basic explanation of schemas?

Formerly, I had one user account (sql authenticated so it would not be tied to a particular user that could leave and have his account deleted) that could create datasets.  This worked because we were supposed to be using a standardized dataset framework so all the layers were created with their standardized attributes beforehand.  I had two roles - viewers and editors.  All the GIS techs were added to the editors role and the non-GIS users were added to the viewers role.  That meant all the data was owned by one user and all the GIS people could edit it.  Fast forward now to SQL 2005/2008 and SDE 9.3.1/10 where we now have schemas.  I did not see anything in the ArcSDE docs covering this but I could have missed it.  If I set up the database using the dbo schema, do I want all of the windows authenticated users to have their own schema?  Do I want them all to use the dbo schema?  Is there some discussion of this somewhere?