How to Check if Raster  Flow Accumulation Process is becoming Corrupted

Discussion created by daniel.constable on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2011 by Snoop

I have been trying to create a flow accumulation raster from a filled flow direction DEM.  I initially ran the Flow Accumulation tool using a 90m DEM, which completed in less than five minutes.  I have now been trying to run the Flow Accumulation tool for a 20m DEM for the same, small area.  I have tried running it overnight on the same machine that calculated the 90m DEM in mere minutes, bu it never completes.

It seems (to me) that this 20m DEM should have completed relatively quickly as well.  Since ArcMap has no useful status bar it seems there is no way to tell if the tool is making progress.  I have turned off background processing and looked in the results window, but there is no indication of percent progress.  Is there anyway to check if the process has become hung or if it just needs  more than eight hours to process?

The 20m DEM is roughly 600 x 500 cells; 1.29 MB.

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