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Discussion created by kfburton on Jun 24, 2011
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Apologies for the simplest of questions, I am very new to networks.

I created a very simple road network. There were errors creating the network, they were all from zero length features in the source data. I think I understand those.

What I can't figure out is when I try to create a route from two graphic pics, I have some intersections that it can't seem to route through. I get a message 'Warning: No route from location 'Graphic Pick1' to location 'Graphic Pick 2'. Error: No solution found.

I can find the specific intersection and turn that it fails on. I just can't see a problem with it. I think they are joined, because I can create map topology for that layer and select that node, having the arcs that touch it rubber band around when I move the node. I assume that means it is physically connected.

Any advice on what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any resources you know of to learn this stuff, beyond the ESRI help and tuturials, I would appreciate learning about. I don't know where to turn for more info on this topic.

Thanks a bunch.

Ken Burton
US Forest Service