ArcMap 10 SP2: Model Builder Iterate by Field Value Problem

Discussion created by firani_EPA on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by jasonkleps
I am using "Iterate Field Values" to select one county polygon at a time from a state county boundary shape file.  For each county polygon I want to Clip or Extract by Mask each county from a state-wide raster and feed each separately in turn to the SLICE function. 

The model runs well for all but the last raster which is always an invalid raster when the model is run as a sub-model.  It works fine if you edit the model and click on Run Entire Model, but if you double-click the saved model or run it as a sub model the last raster it creates in the catalog is always an invalid raster.  There is no error message produced.  You don'e find the error until you try to use the last file as input to another module.  I have changed the number of counties to process and always the last raster is no good.  It is either not being closed properly or ?  Does anyone have a way to get past this?
Note: I am doing all this becasue the SPLIT function no longer works under SP2 for ArcMap10.