negative R2 in GWR

Discussion created by albrecht on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2011 by jtimleck
I have been struggling with my attempt to regress global greenhouse gas emissions on a bunch of social and environmental variables such as population density, GDP, distance to coast, elevation, heating degree days, and so on. With standard regression techniques I am getting rather low R-squares, and with GWR, I managed to raise it to some .25 using four variables (a brownie if you guess which ones). The results of my latest attempt threw me a bit though: I am now getting negative R-squares in the .3 range. Obviously something went wrong - but what? I am attaching a screen shot of the results window.
Btw, this is still exploratory. I will eventually move to spatial regression techniques but first wanted to get a feel for the spatial effects, which are far more local than I would have thought given that I am working with global data sets.