10m resolution .txt file to Raster GRID

Discussion created by aezilg on Jun 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by groot2000
  I have a .txt file of 10m spatial resolution for multibeam bathymetric data, as well as the associated shape file that has been created. I would like to make my points into a Raster for analysis. I have attempted using spatial analyst IDW (Krigging freezes on all computers I have attempted - it is a large dataset) with mild success. If I specify a cell size in the IDW window, it will not work. If I do not specify a cell size it completes the process but gives me a cell size of 0.00187, which is incorrect. If I resample the raster, it gives me extremely erroneous numbers and removes the raster.
  What is the best way to get a 10m resolution raster from my xyz data in a text file??

Thank you!
April Z