What type of Service to host? Need Suggestions.

Discussion created by 385830 on Jun 21, 2011
Hello All, I am new to ArcGIS server and Services. I am going through all the documents, tutorials and forums, I am in process of hosting a REST Service and consume it at other end. Following are my requirements in brief:-
1. Get the data in the tables (I have received a .gdb file/folder)
2. I need to fetch the geocode (I have received a .mxd file).

I need to use REST and consume JSON responses. Now I am not sure what are the services I need to host to get the Data from the tables and geo-co-ordinates. I understand from the co-ordinates that MapService not just provides the x,y data but also will be linked to the data from tables which can be retreived through REST API but couldn't find out how.

Can someone please suggest/direct me here? Thanks in Advance.