Ripleys K Function - User Provided Study Area Method Not Available

Discussion created by terryme on Jun 21, 2011
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I am using the trial version of ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 (until I get a full license).

I am attempting to run Ripleys K Function for point data contained within the state of Oklahoma. The point data and the shapefile for the state are feature classes located in the same personal geodatabase. I want to use the state feature class as my study area. However, when I am setting the parameters for the tool there is only one option for "Study Area Method": "Minimum Enclosing Rectangle." "User Provided Study Area" is not in the list. Do other parameters need to be set in a specfic way to have this option? Is this option not available in the trial version? Considering the unique shape of Oklahoma, I'm afraid that using a minimum enclosing rectangle will lead to inaccurate results, so I would really like to have this option.

Thanks in advance for any help,

-Michelle Terry