Auto-archiving edited feature classes with a python script

Discussion created by adaminglis on Jun 19, 2011
I'm looking for a method to auto archive edited features classes nightly using a python script as a scheduled task.  Just wondering if anything in this direction has been developed.  Here's the workflow I'm envisioning:

  1. search local FDGBs for FCs edited that day

  2. find corresponding FCs on server FGDBs, move those FCs into an archive FGDB, append the files name with an archive date code

  3. copy edited FCs from local FGDBs to server FGDB

I'm new to python scripting, but this sounds like it would be a relatively basic script to write and useful to a larger number of non-SDE GIS departments.  Has anyone seen something similar to this, or am I'm going to be starting from scratch?