Encorporating detection probability in a habitat suitability analysis - thoughts?

Discussion created by kateallberry on Jun 18, 2011
Hello GIS peoples,

I'm currently using GIS to model species distribution (probability of occurrence) using various methods - one of which I would like to run is a logistic regression in GIS. A few questions:

1) I've read you can run a logistic regression in ArcMap (Spatial Analyst > Multivariate Statistical Analysis) but can't seem to find it. I'm using ArcMap v9.3.

2) If I run a logistic regression outside ArcGIS (e.g. in SPSS) to model probability of occurrence, I would like to include probability of detection (values computed in other software) in the model and import into GIS as a map of probability values. I've read several papers that have done this but none shed light on exactly how.

Can anyone help?

Big thanks,