SdcExporter.Export Producing empty files

Discussion created by jpritchard on Jun 17, 2011

I've been trying to use DataSourcesFile.SdcExporter.Export to export a data set to SDC file format.
It appears to run without exception or error reported, however the files produced are empty / invalid SDC's.

IFeatureWorkspace wsInput = AccessWorkspaceFromPath(@"D:\RouteSmart Data\RS_Data\Workspace\Melton\gisdb\layers.mdb") as IFeatureWorkspace;
IFeatureClass fcInput = wsInput.OpenFeatureClass(@"Streets");
IFeatureCursor curIn = fcInput.Search(null, true);
ITrackCancel tracker = new CancelTracker();
ISdcExporter exporter = new SdcExporter();
Guid newguid = Guid.NewGuid();
IDataset dsReturn = exporter.Export((ICursor)curIn, @"d:\temp\roads", newguid, tracker);

I've inspected the input cursor and data is bring read. I then looked at the returned IDataset and it contains a a FeatureClass which has data in it.
Is there something I need to do with the IDataset returned to write the sdc data to file?

James Pritchard