Driving Directions as Nodes not Streets?

Discussion created by jmg15723 on Jun 14, 2011
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Using a street centerlines shapefile, I generated a network dataset.  Using two other shapefiles (a facility layer -- hospitals; and an incident layer -- a shapefile with a single point), I am using the closest facility tool in Network Analyst.

Once I compute the closest facilities from an incident, I can display the route as driving directions from the incident to the facility.  But what we need is, instead of driving directions in the form of turn-by-turn street directions, we want the route displayed as a list of nodes (i.e., a list of the OIDs from the junctions layer) that the route passes through.

So for example...instead of "Street A to Street B", we would want a list of all the nodes that are along that segment...for each part of the route.  At the end, this would give a list of sequential nodes where, in theory, if you connected them you'd get the route.

Is this something that's easily do-able?  Since it's not a typical request I'm not sure if it's really feasible.

Thank you!