How to change my Email?

Discussion created by kaspatoo on Jun 14, 2011
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I sent an email to esri help but still got no answer.
I just want to change my email address but I cant find the function.
In the FAQ I found this:

How do I change my user details?

You can change your account information using the User Control Panel. For basic profile details (including your email address and password), click on the 'Edit Your Details' option from within the User CP. This page allows you to set a number of required and optional details, some of which will be displayed on your public profile. With the exception of your email address, do not enter information that you do not wish to be publicly viewable.

But there is no Edit your profile as I can see. And if I click the hyperlink behind "Edit your profile" from the FAQ ()http://forums.arcgis.com/profile.php?do=editprofile I get:
ACCESS DENIED. Please contact the sites admin if you need to access this functionality

So any help would be very grateful. Thanks!