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Discussion created by kateallberry on Jun 14, 2011
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Hello all,

Could someone please help with these problems - I feel these should be very simple tasks and I'm running out of ideas.

1) I have a buffer polygon of an area from which I need to identify areas \ % \ value of habitat and non-habitat from the buffer area. I have a separate polygon of non-habitat which overlaps this.

The only success I've has so far is to clip the non-habitat polygon from from the buffer.. But this doesn't help me with finding the actual value of non-habitat and habitat from the whole area. I've tried using the Select by Location tool for just selecting the areas of non-habitat within the buffer but nothing is selected and I would like to use this method.

2) My second problem is classifying areas of suitable habitat from a raster of an area containing a ranage of suitability values.

I understand you decided on your range of values for suitability but then how do you calculate the total area \ % of suitable / unsuitable habitat?

Thank you very much in advance for any help.