How to set "Scale Map to fit Printer Page" option in ArcMap 9.3 through VB.NET code?

Discussion created by dgesri on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by Neil

I created a template in ArcMap 9.3 and I need to print it, but when I print it, the printer print 4 pages A4 and some contains nothing. Then I discover to use the option on the title in order to let printer print 1 A4 page.

Now I want to set that option "Scale Map to fit Printer Page" programmatically using Vb.Net when printing the PageLayout (my template) in ArcMap 9.3.

Is there a function or a method I can use to set the preceding option or is there another workaround or a way maybe to set the tiles number to 1?

Please advise, it is very urgent....