Counting the number of barriers the routes of an OD Matrix pass through

Discussion created by sasuran on Jun 13, 2011
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I'm pretty new to Network Analyst, but am trying to come up with a way to get Arc to count the number of potential "points of conflict" the routes of an OD Matrix pass through. I have these "points of conflicts" stored as a feature class points layer, and each point falls exactly at the intersection of the lines in my single line road network feature class.

I've found I can sort of do this using "Accumulation Attributes" (working my "Points of Conflict" feature class into the network, then using it as a cost with a constant value of "1"), in which case, Arc reports the number of points in the final ODlines table.

However, I'm having a problem where a lot of my points are coming up as "standalone junctions", because Arc does not place a junction point everywhere there is a possible conflict.

I'm wondering if (as an easy way around the standalone junction problem) there's some way I could just load these points as "point barriers" and have the OD Matrix report on those (or count them as accumulation attributes), but I can't find any way to get this to work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!