Problem with ARCGIS SERVER(Please help)

Discussion created by brownburkea1 on Jun 13, 2011
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I posted this in the ARCGIS SERVER page, but I thought it would helpful to post it here as well.

Our ARCGIS Server was working well up until last week Wednesday morning. I don't know what happened but later that evening it crashed. Instead of the server login page, the page we get instead is

I'm the GIS guy at my workplace, and even though I was never taught any of this it's my job to fix the server. I consider myself good at GIS, but I simply have very little knowledge of ARCGIS Server which is pretty much all my supervisor has made me work on lately. Obviously I haven't been doing a great job at it and to make it worse the director at my work place isn't fond of GIS to begin with, so I'm not too far from losing this job.

If anyone has any steps I can use to correct this problem then I would greatly appreciate it. I'll be checking this page all day so please feel free to respond to this. Thank you in advance.