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Discussion created by beth0402 on Jun 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by nealm

I'm using the clip management tool in ArcMap 9.3 to clip a raster image. When I do it manually or with ModelBuilder and use the "clipping geometry" option, I get a smaller (more correct) extent rectangle for the feature class than the polygon's actual extent (as displayed under the source tab of the feature class properties).  However, when I use the same tool and command in python, the program uses the polygon's actual extent, rather than the smaller rectangle Model Builder used.  I think the difference is that the larger extent goes way beyond the polygon boundaries (as exemplified when I zoom to full extent), while the smaller extent is the minimum bounding envelope for the polgyon.  I can't find the coordinates for this smaller rectangle anywhere. Where can I find the coordinates for the minimum bounding rectangle, or how can I access them in python (for ArcMap 9.3) the same way ModelBuilder does?

My python script is below:

desc = gp.Describe(fc)
extent = str(desc.Extent)
gp.Clip_management(raster, extent, outputname, fc, "", "ClippingGeometry")

(This script creates a much larger clipped raster than if I do it manually.)