Two questions. Getting MXD owner & reading SDE connection properties

Discussion created by jesuspisto on Jun 10, 2011
First question, I'm tring to find the owner of an mxd. I can't use the "author" property of the MapDocument object because many of my mxds don't have this information stored in them. I'm trying to pull the file owner from windows, I tried using modules win32api, win32con, and win32security but that returns "everyone" as the user. If I right click on the file and check out the properties I can see that the owner name is a specific user, not everyone.

Second question. How to read SDE connection properties for data in mxds without having to describe the .sde file that was used to bring the data in; those .sde files were deleted and I can't describe something that does not exist. The SDE data in the mxds still show up and under properties they show their user name, server, database, etc. (the SDE connection properties that I lost when the .sde files were deleted), that is the data I want to read. Any tips are appreciated.