Geoprocessing service with REST and Web

Discussion created by jlpoehlm on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by iamlaksh3
When I use the REST endpoint to access my geoprocessing service I can successfully run a tool (export, et al) on all my files.  When I use the web browser to access the same tool & geoprocessing service I get about a 50% success rate due to a time out error.

I suspect a time out setting somewhere in the JavaScript/Web interaction with AGS.  Has anyone else run into this issue as well and know where this parameter might be set?

The REST web.config file includes a <httpRuntime executionTimout="1200' />
The GP service parameters are default at 600s max time a client can use a service, 60s max time client will wait for service, 1800s max time idle instance kept running.

The files that I am processing should take just over 2 minutes of process time, based on testing and like-sized files.  All files run successfully at the REST endpoint --where is the (likely 120s) setting that I can change on the web end to get my larger files to process??

Thank you.