Seeking help to build a connectivity assesment model

Discussion created by baidarkabob on Jun 10, 2011

I am looking for some help in building a model to assess horizontal and vertical connectivity within watersheds. The Habitat I would like to assess is simply "old-growth forest" so I can create a grid that is comprised of cells of 1 = old-growth, and 0 = not old growth.

For the next step I would like to ask spatial analysis to look at a watershed and tell me if there is horizontal connectivity that exists as a contiguous corridor of > 300 meters in width and extends from the shoreline to the headwaters of the watershed, parallel to and within the valley bottom (lowest 20% of the watershed as we move up the valley?). I would also like spatial analyst to tell me if there is vertical connectivity that runs perpendicular to the valley bottom, from the lowest elevations to the highest elevations.

I would like to sub-divide the watershed into 3 equal parts so the assessment of horizontal and vertical connectivity could be reported on the lower watershed, mid-watershed and upper watershed zones.

Can anyone here point me in the direction of a model that would help me work on this problem?