Can't download local copy to edit

Discussion created by donbrown44 on Jun 9, 2011
We have ArcGIS 10 server set up. When we connect to the GIS server through localhost, it works fine(with local server directories).  When we connect to the GIS services through the internet, it bombs when trying to 'create local copy for editing'(after changing server directories to our external URL).  The ArcGIS client error is: "Create Replica failed.  No resource could be found at that address".  I think it has something to do with the server directories.
Setup: GIS Server, SOC, & SOM all on same Windows VM.  Linux Apache web server.  Linux file server - this is where we store mxd, GIS Server directories, non-SDE data.

Do the server directories need to be directly accessible to the Web Server?  Do we need to create 'virtual directories' on the web server?  Other suggestions? 

The GIS Server throws the following error when we try to 'create a local copy for editing' externally:
Method failed.HRESULT = 0x80040204 : This is a FACILITY_ITF error that is specific to the interface that returned this error. See the documentation of the interface that returned this error for information about this HRESULT