ESRI.ArcGIS.VE.IdentifyTask() & onComplete adding shapes in projection 102113

Discussion created by straatvark on Jun 9, 2011
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I inherited an application that use a custom ArcGIS layer on top of BING maps. It do an IdentifyTask and the features found are added to a VEShapeLayer with custom icons.

Somehow the icons is not shown any more and I was asked to investigate it.

As far as I can see is that the projection of the features found & returned is different than of the map. (I can get the center coordinates of the map and add a feature/icon using that) The difference in values that I can see is exactly the same as demonstrated by this little app if I pan to the same area that I work with:
(The features found is in the "Output Coordinates" projection and the clicked location is in the "Input Coordinates")

What I found stange is that this article states that the SpatialReference of the input and output geometries of IdentifyTask should be the same: (I can use the "InputGeometry" included with the features found without reprojection.)

Note that when I check the spatial reference of the map it is null.
I reference these Javascript API's:

So the question is - should I somehow reproject the features/shapes found before adding them to the VEShapeLayer? - none of the examples I had seen seems to do.

Thanks in advance.