Default date of 1970 for date field at 2.3

Discussion created by msbsmith on Jun 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by dhollema

I have a date field in my layer with no default value defined in the database.  Users then use an API with the editor and attribute inspector to create features and populate the attributes - normal stuff.

At 2.2 when the user creates a shape, the attribute inspector pops up and the date field is empty.  If they click the field the date picker appears conveniently on today's date.  This is the behaviour I want and expect.

Now at 2.3 when the attribute inspector opens after adding a new shape, there is a date already in the date field of 01/01/1970.  It's not just me either, the Validate Attribute sample does the same thing:

Can anyone please tell me how to fix this?