Railway Structures Identified: Workflow Assistance

Discussion created by Playa on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by Playa
We are currently designing a new Railway line and need to define where structures are required along the alignment. I have come up with the following workflow and would like to ask for assistance in implementing my workflow.

1: Convert the Railway Alignment into a raster grid (same cell size as flow accumulation grid)

What is the best method to convert the railway alignment polyline into a raster grid that has the same cell size and overlays correctly on top of the flow accumulation grid?

2: Use a conditional statement (Map Algebra) to generate a new flow accumulation grid based on the intersection of the flow accumulation grid and railway alignment grid.

How would I structure my conditional statement to generate a new flow accumulation grid based on where the two grids intersect if I don't know the range of values beforehand?

3: Use the new flow accumulation grid to define the type and location of structures are required based on the flow accumulation values. (i.e. higher = bridge and lower = culvert)

Any advice in developing a criteria based on the flow accumulation value along the railway alignment to define where structures will be required as well as type will be appreciated?