Drawing rectangles and markers with vba

Discussion created by geonow on Jun 7, 2011
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Hi All,
I hat little contact to VBA in ArcGis during my study, that`s why I am wrinting here right now.

At the moment I try to plan some flightlines for a project of mine. Therefore, I use the "draw rectangle" tool to generate the flightlines (stipes for a sensor). Then I use the properties for exact locating them.

Because I have to do this for a lot of flightlines, I thought of using little VBA to automate parts of this process. But beginning seems to be very hard. I even dont really know where to start. So my question - what is the object i have to use for drawing rectangles and markers? Is there an example code available using these objects?

I hope, you understand my question, as my english is very poor...