solar radiation error

Discussion created by teresarodrigues on Jun 6, 2011
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I have tried to calculate solar radiation (whole year with monthly interval) for Portugal from an ESRI grid (27m DEM). It seems to work, however it takes much more than a week and in the meantime there was an energy failure. I use ArcToolbox/Spatial Analyst Tools/Area Solar Radiation.

I have cut the dem so as to have only the south of Portugal in the hope that the processing would be faster.
However, ArcGIs 10 crashes after a few minutes and I get the error:
"Background processing has encountered a serious error and is unable to continue. Contact ESRI".
I have also tried in Arcgis 9.2 and I get the same message.

It simply seems not to like the cut dem.
Could anyone help?
Teresa Calvão